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Step One: Sign up for a Consultation 

Click through to fill out a contact form and request your free consultation! Melissa will reach out to you to set up a time when we can meet in person.


Step Two: Meet and Greet

 At our meet and greet, you and your pet will get a chance to know us and we will be able to assess the specific needs of your pet. We can discuss any physical, emotional, or behavioural needs that you would want to be addressed during our time with your pet, and we can also answer any questions you may have. 


Step Three: Personalized Expert Pet Care, Photos on arrival, etc. 

We will create a client and pet profile for you in the Scout app, which we use at each appointment going forward with your pet. This app allows us to provide personalized expert care for your dog, cat or other pet while you are away from home, and to maintain communication with you so you know exactly how your fur baby is doing while you’re away. You will receive a photo taken on arrival, a GPS recording of our walk, and a personalized report card when we leave. 


Contact us today to get started!

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