Read Our FAQs For Our Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Pet Taxi Services in London

Where you will be walking my dog?

Most often, I walk with your dog around your own neighbourhood, allowing your dog to frequent the streets they know and love. However, I am also able to drive with your dog to local parks for a green space experience - the choice is yours!

How long will my dog be out?

Appointments are available at various lengths - anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Do you have a special request? Contact me and we can discuss your dog’s specific needs!

Do you have individual dog walking options?

Absolutely! Some dogs prefer to walk alone, and I am happy to accommodate your dog’s needs.

Why does my dog have to be registered in London?

All dogs who walk with Barks and Recreation London must be registered with the City of London, and must be wearing their city license tags. Although all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of your pet while they are out of your home, in the event of an accident in which your dog becomes separated from their human, tags are critical to ensuring that your dog makes their way home to you.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! Barks and Recreation is insured through ProFur, an insurer who provides insurance specifically to the pet caregiver industry. A copy of insurance documents is available to all clients upon request.

Will you be doing the dog walking and pet sitting yourself?

Yes! At this time, I am the sole owner and operator of Barks and Recreation London. However, I do plan to expand services by employing additional walkers and sitters in the future - stay tuned for exciting changes!

Why do I need to have an interview before signing up for a service?

Your free consultation with me is an important part of the process as it gives you time to get to know me and understand how I work, and also gives your pet(s) a chance to interact with me. This helps to put their mind at ease when I eventually arrive at your home while you are out - and puts your mind at ease too!

How many dogs do you have in a group session?

Group dog walks will include anywhere from 2-4 dogs at a time. For safety purposes, no more than 4 dogs will be walked in a single session.

What happens in an emergency?

Depending on the nature of the emergency, I would either contact you immediately for instructions, or in the event of a truly dire emergency, I would proceed with your pet directly to the London veterinary emergency clinic. We will discuss your instructions for such an event at our initial consultation, and you will be able to sign a Veterinary Emergency Release form that allows me to advocate for your pet on your behalf, until we are able to be in contact.